Friday, October 22, 2010


There are way too many things going on in my home this week!

I spent the day yesterday packing up my son's belongings and getting him ready to leave home. He is moving about 3 hours away (Kalamazoo, Michigan), and I will surely miss him. He will be taking some classes and playing lots of hockey and, I'm certain, having tremendous fun experiencing life outside his parent's home.

I also had the pleasure yesterday of packing for me. I will be leaving this afternoon to go to East Lansing for a few days of stamping and demonstrator fun!

I will treat you to two posts today, since I missed you all yesterday. AND be sure to stop by tomorrow to see the goodies I made to share with my Lansing Roomies. I will also schedule a post for Sunday, so you can see more of the things we did at our demonstrator get together on Wednesday evening.

Have a happy weekend!

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