Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well, it is dangerously close to the final decision on this question for Santa, and I hope all of you are on his "nice" list and will soon be enjoying a wonderful Christmas!

As for me, I can honestly say that I tried very hard to make the "nice" list this year. I really wanted that Kindle!! But, alas, I must own up to a little bit of the naughty. I would just like to mention, though, that "naughty" is such a great way to say "bad". Come on, we all know that's what "naughty" really means.

I have been running way behind on all my Christmas chores and my life has seemed to be spinning slowly out of control since early this past summer. Each time I started to feel like I was getting my legs back underneath me, the rug was yanked and I was on my butt once again. I am determined, however, to persevere and praying that the new year will be a much better one for me.

Where does the "naughty" come in you may be asking yourself. Well, my goal was to make and mail all my Christmas cards in time so they would arrive by Christmas. I find that plan to be most acceptable (sort of like mailing a birthday card that will arrive prior to or on a birthday ;o). I did manage to make all of my Christmas cards (there were 107 of them this year). I am having serious doubts that they will arrive by Christmas, though. Well, honestly, considering I didn't make it to the post office with cards in hand until this morning, I am certain some of them will not make it in time for Christmas. I have heard myself say that they will make a nice after the holiday card~~okay, I know (really I do) that is BAD!!

AND that is only half of the "naughty" since I have not posted any new stuff on my blog in soooo long! I really miss being able to make something and take a picture of it and post it to share with all of you, and with any luck at all, the new year will allow me to be back to posting and creating on a regular schedule.

I truly am feeling a little better this evening, though, since I have made and mailed all my cards, our tree is up and decorated (I simply couldn't do more than that this year, so the rest of the house is not decorated and we don't have our Christmas china out and I know when my oldest son arrives home he will be a little shocked there's no garland and lights....) and I have all the gifts wrapped and ready to go under the tree.

Tomorrow is my cleaning day and my plan is that when the guys arrive home from the airport, the house will be clean, the tree lights will be on, Christmas carols will be playing and I will have dinner ready to put on the table. This feeling definitely makes me think that in Santa's book I was "nice" this year! After all, it's not what's under the tree or around the house, it's being with family and friends and enjoying time spent together!

I truly hope that all of you are able to take time to spend with those you care about and to be thankful for all the good things in your life during the holidays; and I wish you a happy and healthy new year!

Monday, December 14, 2009


With select Big Shot dies and vinyl sheets for the Big Shot on sale, this just may be the most exciting sale of the season! The 12 Days of Holiday Sales continues through December 22.

You can even enjoy NEW COLORS OF DECOR ELEMENTS VINYL SHEETS introduced in this sale. There are 18 new colors to choose from, and they make great projects when you use them with Big Shot dies. Consider pairing the Clear Décor Elements vinyl sheets with the Tulipe Bigz die to create an etched-like design on a vase. Or use the Decorative Accent Bigz dies with the Old Olive Décor Element vinyl sheets to enhance a frame. The combination of Big Shot dies and Décor Elements vinyl sheets is sure to take your creativity to a new level!

Check out the savings on these items:

114515 195 Flower Burst Embosslits die was $11.95 NOW $8.96
114516 195 Cherry Blossom Embosslits die was $11.95 NOW $8.96
115957 195 Thanks Embosslits die was $11.95 NOW $8.96
114513 195 Sweetest Stem Embosslits die was $11.95 NOW $8.96
115952 195 Hi Embosslits die was $11.95 NOW $8.96
115951 197 Timeless Type Junior Alphabet Medium Sizzlits die was $74.95 NOW $59.96
113446 197 Build a Flower #2 Set Sizzlits 4-Pack die WAS $19.95 NOW $16.96
114509 197 Big Bold Cupcakes Sizzlits 4-Pack die was $21.95 NOW $18.66
113448 197 Hearts Set Sizzlits 4-Pack die was $19.95 NOW $16.96
113457 198 Tulipe Bigz die was $21.95 NOW $16.46
115954 198 Two Tags Bigz die was $21.95 NOW $18.66
114524 199 Fringed Flower Bigz die was $19.95 NOW $15.96
114523 199 Decorative Accents Bigz die was $19.95 NOW $15.96
114534 199 Flower Bigz Clear die was $19.95 NOW $15.96
113473 199 5-Point 3D Star Bigz die was $19.95 NOW $16.96
113472 199 Circle 3D Ornament Bigz die was $19.95 NOW $16.96
113470 199 Flower Layers w/Leaf Bigz die was $19.95 NOW $16.96
113465 199 Bird w/Leaves and Flower Bigz die was $19.95 NOW $16.96
115961 200 Perfect Setting Bigz XL die was $42.95 NOW $32.21
113483 200 Pennant Bigz XL die was $39.95 NOW $29.96
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116759 201 Pop-Up 3D Ball Bigz XL die was $39.95 NOW $29.96
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118815 n/a Chalkboard Décor Elements sheets 15" x 24" (2) was $14.95 NOW $11.21

Monday, December 7, 2009


It is always hard to say goodbye, especially when it's to some well-loved rubber! But, alas, the time has come for some of my favorite stamp sets to retire. The stamp sets listed below will be discontinued on January 4, 2010.

If any of these stamp sets are on your wish list, make sure to purchase them before they are gone!

113407 Back Woods
114492 Beautiful Baby
114486 Birthday Wish
113200 Branch Out
114496 Celebrations
113732 Central Park
113206 Classic Sketches
113226 Classy & Fabulous
114498 Flowers in Silhouette
113405 Font of You
113216 For the Bride
114494 Forever
109425 Friend by Definition
114488 Fun Flowers
113716 Garden Greetings
114490 Glad Friends
111580 Grand Soiree
113242 Hit the Road
113710 Lexicon of Leaves
113236 Man's Best Friend
114423 Ocean Commotion
113728 Playful Petals
109276 Polka Dot
111544 Putt Putt
113240 Quilt Quips
113754 Really Retro
113403 Sip by Sip
113726 Sweet Stems
113250 That's Funny
113688 Wonderful Watercolors
114028 Para la novia
114032 Acuarelas Maravillosas

To see images for these stamp sets, visit my website online store HERE

You can place your order on my website, or contact me, and I will be happy to place your order for you.

Hugs from the Rubber Room