Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I cannot believe this will be my very last blog post of the year! I always feel like time flies, and this past year has been no exception. While we were out and about today my son said, "I've had a pretty good year"! Well, he is not the most positive person and I would have to say that 99% of the time he feels his glass is half empty. I am constantly picking out all the good stuff in his life and, as he says, cramming it down his throat. You have to love those teenagers (yep, mostly because nobody else will ;o). Okay, back to my point... After recovering from the shock of his remark, I started thinking about what kind of year I had experienced. I am happy to report that I, too, had a pretty good year! I made lots of new friends, learned lots about stamping, experienced lots of growth in my classes and business and even put lots of technology to use.

I invite all of you to take a few moments as this year comes to a close and look back on this past year and decide what kind of year you experienced. I hope it was "pretty good"!

If you find that you need to make yourself feel a bit more special and pampered, I urge you to check out my calendar and find a class (or two) you might enjoy, RSVP and then treat yourself to an evening (or morning) in the Rubber Room. Classes, workshops and clubs are always lots of fun, inexpensive, great social times and best of all, you get to let your creativity show. I always feel so good about myself when I make something that puts a smile on my face (and sometimes, whenever I can part with a card or gift) and somebody else's face. Little homemade goodies are always great to make and even more awesome to receive; that makes it the "double whammy": 1) It feels great to make it AND 2) It feels great to give it away and watch it put a smile on someone's face!! Thus, my motto for 2009 is: "Let The Smiles Shine in '09", which basically means I will be sending more cards, giving more gifts and spreading more cheer in the Rubber Room.

I hope whatever kind of year you have had, you have enjoyed every moment of it! I wish that your new year will be a happy and healthy one for all of you, your families and your friends! Stay safe and "ink it up" this New Year's Eve!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Becky Roberts made this really cool mini magazine holder, and provided the design for it. Thank you, Becky, I love it!! I think this is just the cutest idea to hold little 3x3 cards. On January 15, 2009 this will be one of the projects we make at my first 3D Thursday class. Be sure to check my calendar for all the class details and RSVP early! The little cards and box are made with materials from the Love You Much bundle promotion.


I had seen lots of these little boxes made with the scallop envelope die, so I had to try it. I am really liking the Love You Much bundle with the stamp set and the punches that fit it so perfectly, and this seemed like a good way to try the box and show off the stamp set. You make the box with four scallop envelopes, so it takes lots of cardstock, but it is so adorable!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Rose made this awesome candle holder for me. She stamped the snowflakes all over it with a "glue" stamp pad, and then added glitter to them. This is so pretty in real life! I am not sure I can make myself actually light the candle, since it is so beautiful just the way it is, but I know I will have to try it just to see if it can really get any prettier. I was not familiar with a "glue" pad, and now I'm certainly going to have to get my hands on one and try it for myself.

Thank you so much, Rose!


When I was growing up, I always loved making rock candy with my mom! I have not done it many, many years, and I did not even realize how much I missed it. Laverne brought me this beautifully decorated jar filled with rock candy she made. Alas, the jar is empty; but you can't tell it from the picture! It was totally delishee oh sooooo.....

Thank you so much, Laverne! I loved it, and hips show it!


How adorable is this? Laura made Santa's Pants for me, AND she filled them with kisses too! I had to take a photo quickly, as the kisses did not last long, and they were just empty pants :o(

Thank you so much, Laura!


Here is another awesome gift I received for the holidays. They are great towels!

As the Rubber Room was being "created" the bathroom was the last thing to be made; and my customers surely appreciate not having to trek all the way upstairs to find one now. My dear friend and downline, Michelle, made me these wonderful towels that not only say "The Rubber Room", but the color of embroidery thread matches my paint perfectly. "The Rubber Room" is starting to get a little more class, and doesn't seem so much like a basement with the added amenities!

Thank you so much, Michelle, I love them!


Christmas is literally hours away, and I thought it would be a good time to start sharing some of the awesome gifts I have received. I am lucky enough to have many talented and creative customers and friends, and over the next week or so I will share with you some of the truly inspired gifts I received during the holidays from them.

This is a toilet seat cover that was put over my toilet during my last hostess club of the year. Long after all my customers and friends had braved the snow for their drive home, I was cleaning up and getting ready for my next event (the next morning), when I walked into the bathroom and wondered "what the heck is that on my toilet??" I put the lid down and cracked up. The real laugh, however, began when I pushed the little button at the top and all the bulbs and snowflakes started to blink. Okay, you know how you feel when you get an email that makes you laugh out loud when you're sitting there all by yourself? Well, here I was, standing in the bathroom all alone and cracking up!!

Thank you so much, Mitzi; not only for thinking of me, but for putting a huge grin on my face.

Monday, December 22, 2008


As I am sure most of you have noticed, I have not been posting too often to my Blog lately. It has been a very crazy holiday season for me, and this simply has not been my priority. Although, I must admit that I have missed being creative and sharing it with all of you. I am going to be getting back on track very soon, so don't give up on me! I have lots of things to share, and you will be sad if you don't keep checking back to catch up.


I want to wish all you the happiest and healthiest of holidays. I hope you will be sharing some very special times with family and friends! Here in Michigan we will definitely be enjoying a very white and chili holiday :o)


Stampin' Up! is offering another great promotion. This is your opportunity to be the first person on your block to own a stamp set from the new catalog before it is released! Save 20% on this exclusive bundle offer. You will receive the Love You Much Stamp Set, a package of Candy Lane Designer Series Paper and the new Heart to Heart punch. This bundle package has a retail value of $51.85. Order from December 23rd to January 31, 2009 and recive 20% off. That is correct, you get all these goodies for only $41.48. Click the promotion block on the left column of the blog to see pictures and details, then contact me to place your order. I hope to be sharing some creations made with this bundle soon! I am really excited about the punch. It has three hearts and matches one of the stamps in the set perfectly.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Can you believe it is almost time for a new catalog? I get so excited about new catalogs because they are always chuck full of new products and ideas. However, it is always so sad for me to see what is being retired. Stampin' Up! is making it so easy for all of us to fit the purchase of retired items into our budget this holiday season. When you order retiring stamps from December 9th through December 23rd, you get 10% off your purchase AND when you order a minimum of $70, you get FREE SHIPPING too. How awesome is that?

Use the link on the left-hand side bar to see a complete list of what will be retiring and then contact me to place your order!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Remember, Monday, December 1, 2008 is the last day to take advantage of the great savings during the Holiday Extravaganza sale. Click the link on the left sidebar for sale details or visit my website at! You can order online from my website or send me your order via email at


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

OH MY!!!

Obviously, I am in desparate need of more coffee before I start functioning this morning! It was just pointed out to me that the Holiday Extravaganza Sale actually starts today. The good news, you don't have to wait until Friday to place your order. Click the link on the left to see the terrific deals, visit my website and use the "Shop Now" button in the upper-right corner and start shopping!!


Stampin' Up! has just released the details for it's Holiday Extravaganza Sale, which starts on Friday. Click the link in the left sidebar here to get all the details and make your shopping list. What could be better than sitting at your computer in your jammies on Friday and doing your shopping~~no lines, no traffic, no cold air.... just get up Friday, grab a cup of coffee, relax, go to my website, click the "Shop Now" button in the upper right-hand corner and shop away!! Not only is this convenient and sure to save you some money, but you can be certain you get what's really on your Wish List this Christmas~~no vacuum surprise this year for you.


Monday, November 24, 2008


Tuesday, December 16, 2008 from 10:00 a.m. to noon OR from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. is Punch Club. In December we will be making some 3D items that can be used for holiday gifts! All the projects are free to make, but you must place a minimum $25 order at club. Below are pictures of all four projects we'll be making. Please be sure to RSVP by December 9th!


If I had to pick a favorite project from Punch Club on December 16, 2008, this would be it. Only because I love candy, though! I always find someone who seems to need a little "perk-me-up surprise", and this is especially true during the holidays. I will drop a few of these in my purse when I head out shopping, and give them to someone who I think could use a little chocolate treat!


I always seem to end up giving a few gift cards away at the holidays, and this is a nice way to make it a little "special" for the recipient. It folds up to a nice little bundle with a belly band. Then open it up, and the gift cards stands up in the middle. Need one? Join us at Punch Club on December 16th and make one! Don't forget to RSVP.


Have an avid reader on your holiday list? If so, this adorable bookmark is the perfect gift. I love to read, and it never fails that I always start a new book and can never find a bookmark. This little ribbon bookmark is so nifty that I know I will definitely not be misplacing this one! This is another one of the projects we'll be making a Punch Club on December 16th. Please RSVP and join the fun!


Isn't he just too cute? This little triangle box can be used as a tree ornament, or you can fill it with treats and surprise someone with something you've made just for them! We'll be making these at Punch Club on December 16th. Check my calendar for club details and join us to make one!


Stampin' Up! will be having a special sale that will start on Friday and end on December 1st. On Wednesday they will reveal the details to their demonstrators. Be sure to check back on Wednesday and find out what will be on sale. I just know it will be awesome!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Punch Club meets on Tuesday, November 25th. Below are photos of the four projects/cards we'll be making. Club meets from 10:00 a.m. to noon OR from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. There is no fee to make all these cards/projects, but you must place a minimum $25 order. Please RSVP to join in the fun before Thursday!!


This little bag is actually made from an envelope with a Stampin' Up! tag punch. I am always looking for a little "container" to hold goodies for gifts, and this is a really easy one. We'll be making this little envelope/bag on Tuesday at Punch Club!


... we all scream for ice cream! This card is so adorable with the little "waffle" cone and the triple scoop... Join us at Punch Club on Tuesday to make this awesome treat!


This is one of my very favorite baby cards! I will be sharing this card (and pattern) at my Punch Club get together on Tuesday.


Isn't this the cutest little snowman? He's made out of punches and chocolate! There is nothing better in my book, especially when, here in Michigan, we've experienced our first snowfall over this past week. We'll be making this little cutie at my Punch Club get together on Tuesday!

Monday, November 17, 2008


I am finally getting to post on my poor-neglected blog! I have been so busy with my many responsibilities that I have not been able to make the time to blog, and I am so sorry. Hopefully this will make up for it ;o)

This is a gift basket that I have filled with homemade bath salts, a homemade facial scrub, some homemade bath teas, a relaxing CD and a packet of cards. I am hoping to be able to make a candle and add it to the basket before I gift it out! I love A Rose Is A Rose, and I think this is an awesome gift~~yep, even if I have to say so myself. Special thanks to my friend, Lisa, for making the homemade bath salts and other goodies. I couldn't have done it without you, Lisa!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Each month I do a Technique Tuesday class, and I teach different techniques to my customers. They love it! Class is $15, and in addition to the cards/projects you make, you will get a sample card that will have the technique directions on one side and a sample of the technique on the other side. This card is enclosed in a clear envelope and is punched to put on a key ring so you will have it for easy reference. Class in November is on November 11th and you can sign up for 10:00 a.m. to noon or 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., whichever time fits into your schedule! Below are photos of the things we will be making on November 11th. If you want to join the fun and learn these techniques, please RSVP no later than November 4th.


One of my customers found this technique online and wanted to give it a shot, so here's my version of it. From the photo it is difficult to see, but the black embossed cardstock has little lines it that actually make it look like alligator skin! This little purse opens up to hold a gift card too! This is a technique I will be demonstrating/teaching at the Technique Tuesday class on November 11th.


I absolutely love Stampin' Ups! selection of two-step stamp sets!! This stamp set is called Flight of the Butterfly. We will be learning how to master the two-step stamping technique at the Technique Tuesday class on November 11th.


This is a spotlighting card we will be making at the Technique Tuesday class on November 11th. I used the Fresh Cuts stamp set and then did my "Spotlight" with a circle punch.


This is a masked template card that we will be doing at the Tuesday Techniques class on November 11th. I used the Boho Background stamp set with a circle punch to make my template.

Monday, October 27, 2008


My blog recently celebrated it's one year birthday, and one of my customers sent me this great card! I think it is so cute. I will definitely be copying the pattern for some cool cards that are sure to bring a smile to any recipient. Thanks so much for the awesome idea, Laverne!!


This is a great pumpkin that Michelle made at our demonstrator get together. It's made totally with punches! AND Silvia then made an awesome tutorial for her blog. You can view the tutorial HERE.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Below are several "shares" that were created by the very talented demonstrators that I am honored to work with every Wednesday! I have included links to their blogs, if they have them, so you can see what other awesome things they are creating. Hopefully we will shame Caroline into starting a blog soon so that you can see what other wonderful things she has created.

I hope you enjoy the fruits of their labor!


This is Silvia's card from last Wednesday's get together. I am so wonderfully blessed to have so many wonderfully-talented demonstrators to work with each week! You can view more of Silvia's creation at her blog HERE.


This is one of the cards Michelle shared with us last Wednesday. I may have to "case" this one to use for one of my holiday classes. You can view more of Michelle's wonderful creations on her blog HERE.


Caroline Morgan made this beautiful card at our demonstrator get together. It is so bright and colorful! Caroline is a wonderfully creative demonstrator, and she always shares lots of great ideas with us!


This is a card that Ronnie made at our demonstrator get together last Wednesday. It is so beautiful! In "real life" you can see that she glittered the little bird in the tree. Ronnie is extremely talented, and you can visit her blog HERE to see more of her wonderful creations.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


November 3, 2008 is the last of the 5x Holiday Fun Classes. These are the final five cards we'll be making. At class you will make ten card (2 each of these five different designs). This is a wonderful opportunity to get some of your holiday cards made in a stress-free environment. All the materials will be cut and prepped for you. You must bring your own adhesive. All other supplies and materials will be provided (including envelopes). Cost of the class is $20, and it is payable at the time of registration. There are only a few spots left, so RSVP soon!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I was very sad when Stampin' Up! retired Roses in Winter; but I quickly perked up when I saw A Rose Is A Rose. It was one of the stamp sets on my first order from the new catalog, and I was very excited about it. I finally made time to play with it, and the Pretties Kit. Two of my "Must Have" items that were just waiting for some attention. I loved this card, and I hope you like it too. I was so inspired, that I've decided we'll be doing a "Two-Step" stamping technique in my techniques class next month.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I have lots of fun planned for the Punch Party Club this month! Below are photos of the four projects we'll be making. In the monthly publication provided to Stampin' Up! demonstrators, they provided us with the cute little scallop circle punch turkey. I added him to a round container (that we'll fill with candy corn at class) to make a great little table decoration for Thanksgiving. He'd also make a nice addition to a card or scrapbook page. We will also be making the 3x3 card using our round tab punch to make the large circle cut-out on the front of the card and then layering up some scallops and circles for lots of depth and dimension. I could not resist one last bright summer card as we welcome Fall. Our key tag punch makes the great flip flops, along with the boho blossoms punch and the small and large ovals. We will use the round tab punch, circle punches and scallop edge punch to make a birthday cupcake card. If you want to join the fun, club is Tuesday, October 28th from 10:00 a.m. to noon or from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. You must RSVP atleast one week in advance. There is no fee to attend and make all these wonderful items, but you must place a minimum $25 order when you attend.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


My first post showing on this blog was October 16, 2007! Although there was a lot of work that went into it (thanks so much, Ronnie, for your talent and expertise) I think that the first post showing up on my blog is the real birthday date. My thinking there is this: I was pregnant and my due date was October 31st. However, I actually delivered my little bundle of joy on August 27th. AND we celebrate his birthday on August 27th, so the first post date seems fitting!

The big news for me, of course, is that I have stuck with it and I continue to post and update my blog with what I think are lots of ideas, class samples and Stampin' Up! news.

Even bigger news, however, is that people keep visiting! As I write this post I have almost 7,400 hits. I can't tell you how exciting that is for me and how happy it makes me feel to think that so many people have visited my blog. I hope that all who visited were inspired by something they saw here!

My blog would not have been possible without Veronica McCollum. She is a truly talented young lady who enjoys being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and has ventured into designing blogs. If you are thinking about a blog, please visit her site; check out the other blogs she's created (I know you'll be impressed~~I go there often to see what she's created for others and what I might NEED to have her add to mine to keep it fresh and updated); and feel free to contact her about creating something for yourself! THANK YOU, RONNIE!



Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is the stationery goodie box made with the Pina Coloda scrapbook kit. I am having a class where you can make this box on November 20th. You can pick from either this scrapbook kit or the Petal Party scrapbook kit. You can see the samples from the Petal Party scrapbook kit under the "classes" label. All class details can be found on my calendar page. You must register by October 20th, so don't delay!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Here are the five different card designs for the 5x Holiday Fun class on Friday, October 24, 2008. You will make two of each of these five cards. Class will be from 10:00 a.m. to Noon OR from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. This is a great opportunity to get some of your holiday cards made the quick and easy way~~when someone else does the designing and prep work for you. This class fills up quickly, so RSVP soon! Class fee is $20 and is payable at the time of registration.

Hugs from the Rubber Room