Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I cannot believe this will be my very last blog post of the year! I always feel like time flies, and this past year has been no exception. While we were out and about today my son said, "I've had a pretty good year"! Well, he is not the most positive person and I would have to say that 99% of the time he feels his glass is half empty. I am constantly picking out all the good stuff in his life and, as he says, cramming it down his throat. You have to love those teenagers (yep, mostly because nobody else will ;o). Okay, back to my point... After recovering from the shock of his remark, I started thinking about what kind of year I had experienced. I am happy to report that I, too, had a pretty good year! I made lots of new friends, learned lots about stamping, experienced lots of growth in my classes and business and even put lots of technology to use.

I invite all of you to take a few moments as this year comes to a close and look back on this past year and decide what kind of year you experienced. I hope it was "pretty good"!

If you find that you need to make yourself feel a bit more special and pampered, I urge you to check out my calendar and find a class (or two) you might enjoy, RSVP and then treat yourself to an evening (or morning) in the Rubber Room. Classes, workshops and clubs are always lots of fun, inexpensive, great social times and best of all, you get to let your creativity show. I always feel so good about myself when I make something that puts a smile on my face (and sometimes, whenever I can part with a card or gift) and somebody else's face. Little homemade goodies are always great to make and even more awesome to receive; that makes it the "double whammy": 1) It feels great to make it AND 2) It feels great to give it away and watch it put a smile on someone's face!! Thus, my motto for 2009 is: "Let The Smiles Shine in '09", which basically means I will be sending more cards, giving more gifts and spreading more cheer in the Rubber Room.

I hope whatever kind of year you have had, you have enjoyed every moment of it! I wish that your new year will be a happy and healthy one for all of you, your families and your friends! Stay safe and "ink it up" this New Year's Eve!

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