Wednesday, February 4, 2015


At long last the time has come, and here I am~~this is me, confessing my dirty little secret right here on my blog!

It all started with Stampin' Up! and a teensy~weensy addiction.  Somehow, somewhere along the way (maybe when I quit my full-time job) my addiction started to grow.  It became bigger and bigger....  some might say it was out of control (but, honestly, when it comes to Stamps, does my husband's opinion really count?) Finally, I learned I would have to find a Stampin' Up! happy budget spot.  I know, how unfair; right? Well, needless to say, my happy budget spot is never enough to purchase all those "must~have items" on my wish list (which is always growing).

Here is the dirty little secret part:  I borrow from other demonstrators.  Now, some demonstrators say (yes, they say this right to my face & I love them for it), I am a "mooch".  Heck, they may even be right, because, after all, they are extremely smart ladies.  But, here is my "borrowing deal".  If you loan me your stamps, I will make you four cards with them.  I also make myself four cards, which I then use as samples for my customers, workshop attendees, Rubber Room visitors, etc...  I even post them here so those who visit my blog can enjoy them.  AND by making four cards, I know for certain whether or not purchasing that stamp set is a must.

OMG!  I totally feel like a weight has been lifted.  It feels good to let that huge secret go.  Thanks so much for letting me unload it here.  Quite frankly, I am a little less embarrassed/mortified than I thought I would be once my secret was out.  Maybe I should tell you about.....  no, I guess I should keep that one a secret.

Getting back to this blog post (I am sure you are happy to know I have not totally spaced on what I was doing here).  I "borrowed" some stamp sets from Caroline and I had a great time with them.  I made a dozen cards (for those of you not too quick with the math, that means she loaned me three stamp sets).  AND, definitely, all three stamp sets are a Must Have for me.

Here are a couple of the cards I made with From the Herd.  This stamp set is available in the Occasions Catalog, and it is perfect if you love coloring and even if you don't!

 I am going to turn this card into a baby card.  I outlined the animals with some Smoky Slate and then colored by goat with my Blushing Bride Marker and added some glitter to her!  You can easily do this in blue or green (depending on if it is a boy/girl/sex unknown).  I often go together with my family (sisters and sister-in-laws) on baby gifts and "from the herd" perfectly fits all of us going in on the gift together.

This one is just a really fun one, I think.  Because the sentiment says "just looking in on you..."  I decided to add some big googly eyes.  I cut out the pig and the goat and popped them up with dimensionals (perhaps on another day I will divulge my dirty little dimensional secret)..  

From the Herd is a great stamp set with lots of sentiments AND it does not just have to be from an office of people~~think a few neighbors, a knitting club, hockey team moms....  

From the Herd Clear Stamp Set by Stampin' Up!

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