Sunday, February 1, 2015


I have come to think of my relationship with my computer as an "on again" "off again" situation.  On Thursday in the middle of preparing my blog post, my computer screen when totally black!  It scared the heck out of me, and the first thing I thought was.....  "I should have backed up"!  I am so bad at backing up and I know it, but I need to build in a back up system because I simply have way too much stored on my computer and I would be absolutely heart broken if it all disappeared.  I simply could not get my screen back up, despite my best efforts.  I spent all afternoon trying and crying....

On Friday I broke down and called Gateway and gave them my $59.95 so they could see if it was possible to walk me through a "fix".  After 4 hours on the phone with them, I was back up and running.  My first task... you guessed it!  I spent another 5 hours on Friday backing my computer up!

I am now back on track, up and running and only a little bit behind.   I have posted a few photos for you to make up for lost time.

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