Saturday, May 7, 2011


Well, as you know, I recently experienced mega-computer difficulties and ended up having to get a new computer. I love the new computer, but it was missing several of my most-loved programs~~like my photo sizing program and the program I used to add my watermark to my photos.

THANKS TO RONNIE, MY COMPUTER/BLOGGER GURU, I am back up and running with a new program that will size and fix my photos and where I can add my watermark. Ronnie walked me through a "tutorial" from her last night, and I tried it out this morning.

Check out my photo below to see how good a teacher she is. Seriously, I am one old monkey you don't want to try to teach new tricks~~and I so appreciate Ronnie's help and patience!


If you are in need of computer/blogger help; check out all she can do for you HERE!! or use the link on my right sidebar to find her!

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