Sunday, December 5, 2010


Please, please don't feel like I've been neglecting you! I had my sale on Friday and was busy all day gabbing with all the shoppers and showing off all the wonderful hand made creations. Then I was so tired yesterday, I just needed to regroup a bit. I got all my holiday decorations upstairs so I can start putting them up this week. Then hubby and I went out for dinner and made our holiday gift list. Now I feel all organized and ready to tackle another week!

I have added two posts below with more items from the sale, and, hopefully, that will make up for no posts on Friday and Saturday and you won't feel neglected one little bit!

I will add more posts the next couple days with more sale items. I had a blog reader suggest I do a video on sponging, so that's what I will get together to share with you for Watch It Wednesday this week. You know what that means; right? You will need to keep on visiting the Rubber Room to see what's happening and get your stamping fix!

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Queenie Jeannie said...

Yay! A sponging video!!! And I promise to do a watercoloring one too! I picked up a tripod for my camera this weekend!

Hugs from the Rubber Room