Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Many of you have asked for directions for the compact and lipstick gift idea I posted yesterday. So, "here's the rest of the story".

First of all, here is the link (it is at Amazon) to where the lipstick pens were purchased. They come in an assortment of colors.

Second, and this is important, I posted pictures yesterday of a turquoise compact and lipstick, but today's pictures are of a red compact. They are the same compacts, only the colors have been changed (no, not to protect the innocent~~the red one just wasn't in a bag yet, so it was easier to just take pictures of that one).

Third, I assume everyone wanted directions for the compact and not the bag I threw together to put them in.

Here we go:

I used my Coluzzle to cut all of the circles, and there were lots of them! For mine I made the following circles:

2 circles in Basic Black cardstock that are 4 3/8" (front and back of compact)
2 circles in Basic Black cardstock that are 3 3/8" (inside and outside of top)
3 circles in Real Red cardstock that are 4" (inside and outside of top and inside of bottom)
1 circle in Brushed Silver cardstock that is 2 7/8" (inside top of compact)

I used my dotted embossing fodler to put dots on the Real Red and Basic Black circles on the top of my compact on the outside.

I used my ornament punch for the little tab to open the compact with and my round tabe punch to hook the bottom and top of the compact together (see photos below).

It is literally that easy. Like I said, I used my Coluzzle to cut all my circles with.

Here is the compact open. The part on the bottom that is stamped is a round sticky note pad. I couldn't find round ones, so I used some flower-shaped ones.

Here is a little close up view of the round tab punch hooking the top and bottom together. I attached it first and then put my cut circles on top of it to help hide the rounded edge part.

This is the little top of the ornament punch. I cut it straight down (rather putting the whole ornament punch onto the compact) and, again, I attached it first and then put my circles on top of it.

There you have it! Have some fun with this great little gift idea and thank you again, Michelle, for sharing your idea with me!!

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