Monday, September 15, 2014


I had a wonderful, wonderful weekend, but I forgot to post on my blog for my wonderful blog followers. I will catch you up, though.

 I went to Indianapolis on Friday and we went to watch my nephew play high school football.  We all went to bed early to get a good nights sleep for the walk on Saturday morning.  When we got home from the walk, those who were able to enjoyed a nice relaxing time in the hot tub.  I took some medication and a long nap, because on Friday I broke out in a shingles rash.  Then my brother fixed us a great dinner.

Sunday it was sunny and so nice outside.  We split up and some of us rode bikes and some of us took a walk and some of us just sat and chatted.  It was the perfect relaxing afternoon.  Then there was some shopping, and we all went to see Tammy and had a few laughs together.  Then my brother cooked another awesome dinner and we all watched some TV and did a little singing and headed to be early since we had a long drive home and my brother had work this morning.

It was the perfect weekend, but I am one worn out girl in lots of pain!

I have added some photos of our walking team and then some posts with more swap cards for you!

Tomorrow stop back by for new Weekly Deals!

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