Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Last week I got a chance to play with the new Spiral Flower Originals Die.  You might remember my earlier post with the tag "That Michelle" and I made, which had several flowers on it.  If you have a missing memory (which I proudly sport ;o), you can check it out HERE 

I played around with a few more flowers made from the die, and here are my results (I made six flowers)!!  This is the frame I attached them to.
And here is a little close up of the flowers for you.
This die is something you have to get the hang of, but once you do, the result is so worth it.  You have to do something to break down the fibers of the card stock so it will roll into the flower shape.  "That Michelle" and I tried using our bone folders and scissors (see the flowers on the tag mentioned earlier), and I think the flowers turned out just okay.  But, for my frame flowers, I spritzed my card stock with water, and I spritzed it good.  Then I let it set for a minute.  Then I put the die-cut card stock between two fingers and pulled it through (so all the excess water was pushed off).  Then I took the die-cut card stock and wadded it all up in my hand.  (I really don't like the way the word "wadded" sounds, but I cannot come up with another adjective that explains it that well.  And, no, "balling" it up doesn't sound any better!)  So, wad it all up, and then straighten it out and roll it into your flower.  Oh, I know, SMUSH it all up in your hand~~definitely better!  Okay, back to the directions.  After I got mine all rolled into a nice flower, I pushed down on it to flatten the "petals" out a bit.  If you want, you can then dauber some ink onto the edges of the petals.  You might also want to try dropping just a small bit of Crystal Effects on random spots.  When those dry, they will look like little dew drops of water.

Spiral Flower Originals Die
Spiral Flower Originals Die
#129379 Price$17.95


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