Sunday, December 1, 2013


It surely seems like forever since I have posted on my blog.  I was gone for a weekend of stamping fun, and when I got back home, the fun began!  My son and his girlfriend came home for Thanksgiving since they would not be able to make it home for Christmas.  Soooo, on Monday we finalized menus and got the groceries in the house; Tuesday we did Christmas gift shopping and put leaves in the tables, carried up the holiday china and got it all washed, ironed the table linnens.... you know how that ordeal goes.  On Wednesday the hubby pre-cooked and I made my chocolate candies and goodies and got the house all cleaned and chairs out and tables sat....  Thursday we did the rest of the cooking, picked up a few guests, got home in time to do the last minute table prep and the rest of the guests arrived.  After pigging out and lots of laughter and visiting, I set about cleaning up while my dearly beloved drove a few guests home.  We played a little Monopoly with the kids and then when everyone was tucked into bed, I put away the Thanksgiving goodies and got out all the Christmas stuff and got everything set for the open house on Friday.  The Open House was for all the family that wanted to see Andrew and meet his girlfriend...  It was definitely a fun-filled week full of family, friends and festivity.  On Saturday we exchanged gifts and had our family Christmas celebration and then watched movies (our usual Christmas tradition).  Today I managed to get the leaves out of the tables, all the table linnens washed, chairs back downstairs and all of the china and dishes washed and put back where they belong.

NOW, I can concentrate on my blog and creativity without any distractions.  Well, without more than the usual distractions.  Luckily we have leftovers to last for a month (if only they would not go bad before then, of course), so I will not have to cook.  I love this time of year, but it is sometimes exhausting.  I have my usual classes and clubs this month and holiday cards to finish up and mail and then a few more things for Christmas celebrations with my family.  The big events are behind me, though, and that makes me feel like I have time to take a few deep breathes!

There are lots of specials going on at Stampin' Up! right now that you won't want to miss out on.  The Holiday Sale ends December 2, 2013 at midnight.  AND December 2, 2013 for twenty-four hours only Stampin' Up! has a Cyber Monday Special going on.  Stampin' Up! has also announced a new product line called A Whole Lot of Love, and it is all about Valentine greetings and packaging.  I have posted all the details and links for you, so be sure to check them out.

I will be posting some of the creative things I accomplished while I was away relaxing before all the hubbub (as my beloved grandma was fond of saying).  Be sure to stop back in for your stampin' fix!

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