Friday, June 10, 2011


Well, a couple of weeks ago I saw a great little tool box with a note holder and a post-it-note-pad holder, and I really thought it would make a great Father's Day gift. After some sleuthing, I found it was one of those patterns you had to join a class in order to get. SO, I turned to my demonstrator friends, and we decided it could be done without paying for the entire class. I set out to prove them right!

I wanted a box that would hold the note holder, the post-it-note-pad holder AND some cards. Here is what we came up with~~and, yes, it will hold four cards and the two little note holders!

I cut some scrap paper to 2"x3" and then designed this little box to hold the papers.

This is the post-it-note-pad holder I designed. When the demonstrators got here to make the project, Nancy had a much easier pattern for this little post-it-note-pad holder. I was way glad because the pattern I came up with was more than a little hard to do.

Check out the post below to see the four cards we made for this tool box!

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bsburn said...

These are super cute! What did you use for the letters? I think any dad would love to get this set :)

Hugs from the Rubber Room