Sunday, January 23, 2011


WOW! No Rubber Room post yesterday? What is up with that? Well, it was a very long day, and there was no energy for a visit to the Rubber Room Blog for me. I did miss everyone, though.

Saturday was my first obedience class with Harvey, and, man-oh-man, does Harvey need lots of work. He was extremely distracted by all the other dogs and ab-so-loot-lee out of control! He was barking and trying to get to all the other dogs.... I felt like I had been run over by ten trains by the time we were done. Of course, he took a nice long nap when he got home~~I know how exhausted he must have been. And I just tried to get over it, after a nice long cry! Needless to say, last night was just about relaxation and not about stamping. Well, relaxing and trying to put the memory of the class out of my mind.

I do have lots of card ideas to share, though, so I will make it up to you! Last week on Thursday was our demonstrator play day and we had lots of fun. I will get those photos onto my computer and start sharing them with you this week.

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