Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I do believe that Watch it Wednesday was perhaps not meant to be this week. I forgot a major piece when I was putting the video together, so I had to stop and make it two separate videos (I think you all can handle that, though). Then there were lots of problems trying to upload the video and I called tech support and my camera guy.... after three hours, I finally gave up and thought I'd save it for another day. I downloaded my program onto my laptap and tried going at it that way... then finally figured out how to save an "mts" file and upload it to You Tube... I was able to, at long last, get it together, though, AND Watch It Wednesday is actually going to happen before Thursday!

The video this week is a tutorial on how to make a little Dove candy treat holder. Please see the post after the videos for photos and a Product Parade! I know you won't want to miss the Product Parade, because these are about the cutest darn things, and they are so versatile and so easy!!

Here is the second half of the video for you!

I hope you enjoyed Watch It Wednesday in the Rubber Room and will make plans to come and visit again very soon!

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That Michelle said...

Very cute idea Chris....good job

Hugs from the Rubber Room