Friday, August 24, 2018


I think you're going to like this post!  I am often challenged by the whole computer, social media thing, but I keep on trying in the hope that eventually I will be able to find some common ground where technology and I can just get along.  So....  I am taking some social media training and forcing myself to put it into practice.  

Here's what happens:
Last Sunday after my retreat, I get my training notes out and plan a whole week's worth of posting to my FaceBook Business Page, my FaceBook Group Page AND my blog.  Then I "batch" my work (meaning I actually make posts for the entire week and "schedule" them to be posted). This way,  every day I will have a post that will appear at the "scheduled" time on the "scheduled" date; and I won't have to schedule time each day for posting. LOVE the "batching" idea; right!!

All week long my scheduled posts have been showing up on FaceBook on both my business page AND my group page. AWESOME!!  I am feeling like a rock star!

Today, I stop in here, on my blog, and no posts!  What the Heck? I had them scheduled for the entire week, and there is nothing here. Obviously, I am heading off to Google now to see how I remedy this situation.

Sorry you didn't hear from me all week, but there is a week full of posts below to catch you up!!

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