Wednesday, July 22, 2015


As most of you know, in early June of this year, I took a fall and broke my wrist.  After spending six weeks in a cast, I am now in a heavy-duty brace, which I will get to wear for four more weeks.  I can take the brace off for showers and two other times during the day for ten minutes each time to do some exercises.  Once the four weeks is over, I will, fingers crossed, be able to shed the brace entirely.  At that point I will start some physical rehab to strengthen my wrist....  needless to say this has been quite the ordeal that has morphed into quite the process.

While in the cast things were going very slowly at work and around the house and even doing personal chores was a challenge.  I was stamping for my classes and my Diva nights, but that was it.  I was hoping things would change when the cast came off, but the brace is every bit as challenging, so I won't be playing with my new catalog goodies any time soon.

However, I love to post to my blog and keep your creative juices going with lots of inspiration.  During the past month I have shared tons of Build A Birthday inspiration.  Now I am going to move on and share lots of ideas for the Best Thoughts stamp set.

This is another great stamp set, and I have lots of great cards to share, so stop back by often!

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