Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I hope you are not already sick of the projects we made at the Relax and Create Retreat, because I do have a few more things to share with you.  

This is the front of the mini scrapbook we made.

This is the front of the book and the first "pocket"
I added a little journaling to make it more personal.

This is the inside "pocket" of the book.

This is the inside back of the book.

And these tags fit into the "pockets".

This was one of my favorite projects from our Retreat, and I had a lot of fun personalizing it.  I know you are probably thinking, "yeah, it's cute, but what would I use it for?" (or something along those lines).  Here are just a few ideas off the top of my head:

1)   Great gift for Grandparents and/or new parents with a few photos of new grandchildren/children.  They can easily switch the photos out for new ones as the baby grows.  They can toss it in their purse/diaper bag and their brag book is always handy!

2)  Make them up with a  holiday theme, and once those holiday photos are printed, all you have to do is add them to this cute little mini scrapbook!  If you are going to a friend's house for a party, take a few photos and make a mini scrapbook of the event up to give your hostess as a thank you for inviting you to the party.

3) How about putting one together showcasing a favorite family vacation/event and using it as a stocking stuffer.

4)  Put some of those "selfies" to good use and treat your special someone to a scrapbook for his/her glove box, gym bag, office desk.....

5)  For those of you recently engaged, take those photos of you proposing, add them to a little mini scrapbook, and  share them with guests at your upcoming wedding.;

OR give each guest at your wedding/event a little mini scrapbook, and they they can use it to share their photos from the photo booth at your wedding/event  (just like I did). 

6)  Make a mini birthday scrapbook for your child each year and keep them in a special place (or make a mini anniversary scrapbook of you and your husband each year as you celebrate your anniversary).  Keep a few of these in your sock drawer, then each morning, as you take out a pair of socks, you can pull out one of these mini scrapbooks.  It would only take a second, and you know that seeing the photos inside would be sure to put a smile on you face and start your day off happy and thankful!!

The possibilities are endless for this little gem.  Please share what your plans for this Mini Scrapbook might be.

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