Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Okay, do you like my new blog look? I love the colors and the added gadgets. I can't imagine a better spring makeover for the Rubber Room Ramblings Blog! My SU! Downline family are Rubber Room Ramblers, and we've got our own little membership button now; and it's so cute! I visited my blog from my IPad, and tapped my little arrow to the left of my address bar and then checked
"add to home screen" and I got a great little "app-looking dealio" on my IPad. When I tap the cute little delio, it takes me right to my blog!

Ronnie, at VK Designs is the greatest! She has a waiting list, but the wait is well worth it! Go and check her out.

Let me know if you like my new blog as much as I do!

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Michelle L said...

Love the new look

Hugs from the Rubber Room