Sunday, March 25, 2012


I just really love all the new gadgets on my blog~~not as much as I LOVE my blog design gal, Ronnie, over at VK Designs; but almost.

Now, when you see the little green printer on my posts, you can print just that blog post or the entire page of posts~~I am way excited about that little button! If you want just that post, click on the heading for the post, and the post will show on a page by itself; click the printer and from there you can print the post or email it to a friend.... Want the whole page of posts, just click the printer!!

In the top corner of my right sidebar you can "click here and shop 24/7" which goes right to my Stampin' Up! Website where you can order any day and any time of day or night!!

There is a new "contact me" button on the top of my blog where you can send an email directly to me!!

In the top corner of my left sidebar, you can LIKE me on FACEBOOK and follow my Rubber Room Facebook page; then you can subscribe to my monthly newsletter; and then subscribe to my blog so that when I post to my blog, you will get an email~~never miss another Rubber Room Ramblings blog post again!!

About 3/4 of the way down on my right-hand sidebar there is a link where you can connect with my TOTALLY FAB BLOG LADY AT VK DESIGNS!! She's the best and so talented!

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