Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The Simply Scored Scoring Tool is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE new item in the Holiday Mini Catalog!

This tool makes paper crafting a breeze. It will hold 12x12 card stock and the score measurements are every 1/8". There are rulers along the top and the left side of the scoring tool for easy-breezy measuring. You get three scoring place markers and a stylus with the Simply Scored Scoring Tool, and you can purchase more markers and/or another stylus separately. You use your place markers to fit inside the scoring ruler marks at the top and there is even a little flip top so you can store your markers and stylus inside your tool. The Simply Scored Scoring Tool makes scoring for cards, cards designs, 3-D projects.... SO EASY!!

There are three simple steps to this tool:
1. Place markers along the top ruler, spaced to score the paper for your project;
2. Place paper on base (be sure to line up the left and top edges of paper against the corner edges of the base);
3. Score each line of the paper using the markers for correct spacing of score lines!

EASY, EASY, EASY! The best part (well, for me anyhow) is that you don't have to re-measure your score lines for every piece of card stock. Just put your markers in, and score away~~seriously, scoring multiple items has never been quicker or easier!


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