Sunday, July 12, 2009


I have very sad news today. My grandpa is in the hospital and not doing well at all. I am trying to coordinate a schedule where someone can be with my mom at all times, and unfortunately at this point I am going to have to cancel my Open House on July 14th. I am out of town for 2-3 days, then home for a day or two to regroup and then back up there.... and when something happens, I will definitely need to be there. Rather than have to cancel at the last minute, I am just doing it now. I am very sad to have to cancel because stamping is always a stress reliever and so much fun for me, but this one can't be avoided. I do thank you for your understanding.

I will reschedule the Open House as soon as I possibly can and will let you know when I have a new date.

I am going to try to find a wireless connection up there so I will atleast be able to post some photos and feel a little more in touch that way. I will be in touch when I can!


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