Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well, I am sure you have noticed the new look of my blog; and I hope you are as thrilled as I am with it! I feel younger, crisper, like I've shed a few extra pounds... in short, I LOVE the new blog layout and colors and organization... I feel like I've been on Oprah and experienced the whole makeover before and after show up close and in person!

I will share with you what I said to my "blog guru" (and dear friend). "Ronnie, I like the new In Colors, and I'd love to use them on my blog." Yep, that was the guidance I gave her to go on. I was absolutely, without a doubt, blown away when I saw my blog this morning!! I want to extend a giganto (that's huger than huge ;o) heart-felt thanks to Veronica McCollum for all of the hard work and creativity she put into giving my blog an update. She is truly a blogging guru. She very patiently teaches me how to add links and updates and pictures. I owe my blog to her and am so happy she's helped me fearlessly enter the computer world. I tried to give her my last-born in payment, but (big sigh here and almost tears) she turned me down.

HOWEVER, Veronica is not a one-woman blog producer, and she loves sharing her talents, so if you want your own cool spot on the internet check out Veronica HERE
(or use the link on the bottom of my left side bar) and view some of the other blogs she's created! I guarantee you will be impressed!

Perhaps my new look will encourage me to be a bit more regular in my posts??? Ooohh, wouldn't it be cool if I could now find more hours in my day? Anybody know someone who could help me out there? I believe: if you ask, you shall receive; so who has more hours for me???

I think I'll go take a picture and post it!

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