Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Here is another peak at the tiles that were made at the Decorative Tile Class that went bezerk. This "B Happy" tile is a take off on the tile sample I shared at my class; but here she used a lot more color! She even edged two sides with one color and the other two sides with a different color. The "Summer" tile came about because one gal didn't like the "B Happy" and ventured into a more summery-theme still using the bold, bright colors. The "cherish" tile is going to be a wedding gift. She "monogrammed" it at the bottom and did it in the couple's favorite color. With the wedding tile we learned that if you decide, after baking your tile, that you aren't happy with it, you can "scrape" off what you don't like while it is still warm. I used some tweezers to sort of "pick" it off the tile. Do not use your fingernail. It will work, BUT your fingernail is NOT a "tool" :o)
Are you getting the idea that this is a class not to be missed???

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