Thursday, August 8, 2013


I created a Rubber Room Ramblings account on Pinterest and have added some great Boards. A lot of the Boards don't have anything "Pinned" to them yet, but I can assure you they will soon be overflowing with ideas guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

Here is a brief overview of the changes to my Blog.  These changes will make it super-duper easy to "Pin" my cards onto your own Pinterest Boards.

First off, there is a follow me button on my left side bar. It looks like this:
If you click on the rectangle box that says "Pinterest" it will take you to the Rubber Room Ramblings Pinterest Boards Page and you can click to follow me there.  When you go to the Rubber Room Ramblings Pinterest Page, it will look like this, and you can pick which Board you wish to follow; or you can follow all of the Boards.

AND there is a new  "hover over Pin" option on my pictures.  This function makes it so easy for you to "Pin" the pictures on my blog to your Pinterest Boards that it will amaze you.  AND it  has been added to all the pictures on my blog.  How exciting is that?  Now you can go back to older posts and "Pin" them to your Boards. 

Here is how that function works:  This is the post on my blog from yesterday.

The photo below  is what the post looks like when you hover your mouse over the photo.  To "hover" with your mouse, do not click down the right or left buttons on the mouse.  Just move your mouse over the photo.  Notice in the picture where the mouse indicator is on the bottom of the tag (the little white hand).

When the mouse hovers over the photo, you will see the little pink "Pin". Click the left side of the mouse one time, and you will see this:

Here you can pick which one of your Pinterest Boards you want to "Pin" this card to and you can add a description.  Then press the red "Pin It" button in the lower right corner, and you have "Pinned" it to your Pinterest Board.

If you are unfamiliar with Pinterest, you really need to check it out.  Pinterest is a great way to keep all of your card samples organized and in one spot.  You can organize your boards any way you want and then when you are out and about on the web and you see something you want to refer back to, just "Pin" it to your board, and you will always have it as a reference. 

Give it a try, you know you want to "PIN IT" now and get all organized!

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