Tuesday, December 11, 2007


During the past two monthes I have done many, many decorative tile classes, and everyone seems to love them! In fact, I will be doing a monthly tile class for those ladies who NEED a different decorative tile to display for every holiday~~who could have guessed?

During my many classes I had a wonderful support system that I have always lovingly referred to as MY "Cutting Queen" because she always helps me cut and prep for classes and workshops. This time around, she "womaned" the Rubber Room while I ran up and down the stairs putting tiles into the oven and then taking them out and putting more in!

Mitzi is extremely creative (even though she'll tell you she's not ;o), and somewhere along the way she decided to make decorative tiles as gifts for her friends and family. This is one tile she came up with using the Home is Where the Heart is retired stamp set. It turned out absolutely adorable, and I just had to share it with everyone! I think this is proof positive she is both creative AND gifted with the paper cutter. She is a true treasure to me and I love sharing her talents with my customers!

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